On Dreamer Jewels website, your information and transactions are protected by standard security protocol SSL.

How does SSL security works ?

  • A user requests a web address beginning with https:// using their internet browser. The browser requests that the server identifies itself.
  • The server replies by sending a copy of its SSL certificate, which includes its public key.
  • The browser checks the certificate root to find if it belongs from a trusted CA. It also checks if the SSL certificate is unexpired. Moreover, it checks if its common name is valid for the website itself.
  • Once the browser confirms that it can trust the website, it creates, encrypts, and sends back a symmetric session key using the server’s public key.
  • Now, the server decrypts the symmetric session key using its private key.
  • In return, the server sends back an acknowledgment encrypted with the session key to start the encrypted session.
  • Now, all data transmitted between the server and the browser is encrypted.

We care about your security and strive to ensure the highest level of protection.